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Knights of Art: Stories of the Italian Painters
Knights of Art: Stories of the Italian Painters

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Beginner/Grammar/Logic Levels Historical Fiction
Price: $21.95

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Knights of Art introduces eighteen Renaissance artists through charming read-aloud stories and over 60 full-color reproductions of their artwork.

Stories and paintings that bring each artist to life through the varied experiences that influenced his art from childhood to adulthood.

There is a certain delight that only a high-quality picture book can provide.
The combination of a story well-told, coupled with great art, brings a unique joy to life.

No one is too young - or too old- for a picture book.
They are enjoyable whether they are read aloud together, by oneself, or just paged through to admire the pictures. They become treasured keepsakes, read time and time again.

Knights of Art
is just such a book.
It draws the reader into each story, allowing one to see through the artist's eyes as his talents develop.

This is a book that lifts the mind and the heart; a book that is filled with the truth and beauty of great art.

Knights of Art,
by Catholic children's author Amy Steedman,
has been newly adapted to update some of the language for today's young readers without sacrificing the charm of the original story-telling.

Over 60 full-color reproductions of Renaissance art
Bound in hardcover to last a lifetime.
Perfect for gift-giving!

From the author's introduction:
"...as we grow older and wiser our eyes grow wiser too, and we learn to know what is good and what is poor. Only, just as our tongues must be trained to speak, our hands to work, and our ears to love good music, so our eyes must be taught to see what is beautiful, or we may perhaps pass it carelessly by, and lose a great joy which might be ours.
So now if you learn something about these great artists and their wonderful pictures, it will help your eyes to grow wise. And some day should you visit sunny Italy, where these men lived and worked, you will feel that they are quite old friends. Their pictures will not only be a delight to your eyes, but will teach your heart something deeper and more wonderful than any words can explain."