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Connecting with History is being used successfully by
homeschool co-ops and independent schools across the country and internationally!

Why Choose Connecting with History Co-ops?


There is no registration fee for Connecting with History co-ops. To get started, each family and classroom teacher must purchase a Connecting with History Program and the student books assigned for the year.

One of our core values is flexibility. Our materials are adaptable to your group's needs. Co-ops using Connecting with History range in size from families to twenty or more!

Small groups, where families just meet in one another's houses without formal classroom time, can use the regular homeschool edition of the program. They work at home and then meet together once a week or however frequently your group decides. Generally they meet to do projects together and share what they have done at home.

For larger groups who have formal classroom time once per week, we have family and classroom materials specifically for co-ops. The families have their own program (one per family) and each classroom has a Classroom Teacher Guide with lesson plans for once per week.

Active Learning
We go far beyond just memorization. By using engaging books and hands-on activities, we foster a love of learning and bring history to life!

Class and Home Lesson Plans for Co-ops
The Connecting with History philosophy is that families are the primary teachers of their children. The classroom plans are written to expand upon what the families do at home, they are not a replacement for family involvement.

  • Classroom Lesson Plans are written for co-ops and hybrid schools that meet one day per week. The classroom lesson plans include history and coordinated literature classes.
  • Family Lesson Plans include a 4-day per week schedule that includes reading assignments, memorization, and preparation for classroom activities.

Classroom Activities

Beginner & Grammar Levels Logic & Rhetoric Levels
  • History Activities
  • Literature Discussion
  • Presentations
  • Memorization and Recitation of:
    • History rhymes
    • Poetry/Bible passages
    • Catechism
  • History Activities
  • Literature Analysis
  • Socratic Discussions
  • Individual and Group Projects
  • Presentations