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Welcome to RC History!

Yes, RC stands for Roman Catholic.

We are a family in love with our Catholic faith and our goal is to share the joy of salvation history with you!

Our Philosophy of History

We believe that history is essential to understanding the Catholic Faith and that the Catholic Faith is essential to understanding true history.

The great Catholic historian, Christopher Dawson, distinguished between two levels of historical meaning, one being what we generally think of as history - the surface events of geopolitical history; the other, salvation history - the plan of Divine Providence - God's actions in human history.

"...there are two principles at work in history. True history - sacred history - is not the same as apparent history or secular history. The spiritual meaning and value of history are hidden under the veil of outward political and economic change." 1

Most of us have been educated to think of history and religion as two separate, unrelated subjects. The events of the world, war, and politics, governments, and nations, are generally taught with little if any, reference to meaning or purpose to life or human events. As Catholics, we know that there truly is a Divine Planner who has a divine plan for human life. We know that the story of history has a definite beginning, middle and ultimate destiny and that our lives have a purpose and meaning which we can only begin to understand in this life.

Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, became Man and entered human history "in the fullness of time." The Incarnation is the central point of our faith and it is the center point of all history. Christ came to us in History, He comes to us in the Mystery of the Sacraments, and He will come again in Majesty at the end of time. For this reason "as Catholics, we are preeminently the people for whom history matters." 2

For this reason, our family began RC History, to provide a place for Catholic home educators to find reliable, truthful resources which bring the study of history to life and to deepen the understanding of our Christian heritage.

"The birth of Jesus at Bethlehem is not an event which can be consigned to the past. The whole of human history, in fact, stands in reference to him: our own time and the future of the world are illumined by His presence. He is 'the Living One,' 'who is, who was and who is to come.'"

- Pope John Paul II

Connecting with History

After our first 10 years of home educating and cobbling together my own curriculum, I began writing Connecting with History with several goals in mind:

  • World and Bible/Church history are integrated - because history is history, it doesn't happen in compartments.
  • A Catholic philosophy of history
  • Focus on understanding history rather than just learning a set of facts about history. Facts are important, but education also involves understanding.
  • We recommend multiple source materials rather than just one book representing one person's perspective. The author's goals, what they choose to include or exclude in their writing, and their writing style all affect what the reader learns. Reading from a variety of sources broadens and deepens the learning experience.
  • A variety of genre because each serves a purpose:
    • Core text for an introductory overview;
    • Non-fiction to get into more specifics;
    • Historical fiction to breath life into the time period, making it more personal, and sparking the imagination;
    • Literature written about or written in the historical period to pass on cultural literacy and an appreciation for great writing.
  • Opportunities for multiple modes of learning: independent reading, reading aloud, composition (essays, reports, research, and creative writing,) hands-on projects, memorization, recitation, and narration.
  • Flexibility to choose how much or how little you want to do, and the freedom to choose which assignments to work on, tailored to your family and individual children.
  • Multi-age learning environment. Whether you are teaching one child or twelve, the family learns together. Yes, there is parent involvement and you will most likely discover that you are learning as much as or more than your child! Children learn from parents, siblings learn together, individual children are able to focus on a personal area of interest and share their discoveries with the family - everyone is a student and a teacher!

Your family will connect with history, with their faith, and with one another!

What you find in Connecting with History is Connections - not compartments.

Our Family

RC History was founded in 2000 by Ryan and Sonya Romens. We have seven children and homeschooled for 20 years. Sonya is also the author of the Connecting with History program. Over the years, the family has worked together in various capacities to run the business. Time has passed and six of the seven children have moved on to college, careers, and families of their own. Two of our married daughters are working with us to create new products, maintain the website, and do office work. They also travel with Sonya to homeschool conferences. If you see us at a conference be sure to stop and say hello!

When you call, email or Live Chat, it is Sonya who answers. I work very hard to provide quality, personalized customer service. I also provide email consultations and phone consultations by appointment. Contact Us to schedule a consultation

Thanks to our loyal customers, many of whom have become friends. RC History has grown tremendously in the last few years. From very humble beginnings, we've spread from the US to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia! The Catholic faith is truly universal and our family is grateful for the opportunity to share God's plan for the history of the world and for each of our personal histories.

We look forward to serving you!

Sonya Romens

1. Catholic historian, Christopher Dawson, "The Formation of Christendom" (Sheed & Ward, 1967, p. 81), as quoted in "Christianity and the Challenge of History" by John J. Mulloy, (Christendom Press, 1995)

2. "Light to the Nations: Reclaiming the Catholic Historical Imagination" by Prof. Rollin Lasseter