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Connecting with History Co-op lesson plans are
specifically for a one day per week classroom experience.

Classroom lesson plans come in four age levels: Beginner, Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric
Each classroom plan includes material for once-per-week history and literature classes

Co-op edition Family Lesson Plans are structured to directly correspond to the classroom schedule.
They include weekly assignments for history and literature, a schedule based co-op classes, and scope and sequence for classroom activities.

The co-op lessons plans and book lists are different from the homeschool edition of Connecting with History.
If you are in a co-op use the links below to order your material and select Co-op Order at checkout.

Co-op Classroom Guides
Family Co-op Material

Classroom guides include lesson plans for teaching history and literature one day per week in the co-op setting.
One Co-op edition Family Lesson Plan is needed per family along with necessary student books.

Co-op Information