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Group Registration

Registering your co-op or school is required for using Connecting with History in a group setting.

Registering your group provides the following benefits:

  1. Group leaders receive phone and email support.
  2. Group leaders receive up-to-date information when new support materials become available.
  3. We can help you grow your group. We receive frequent requests from people looking for co-ops in their area.
  4. Registered groups may be added to our online directory.
  5. Registering assists us as we develop curriculum materials specifically for schools and co-ops.
  6. Registering your group helps us keep up-to-date records of active Connecting with History groups.
  7. Registered groups may elect to purchase curriculum materials on behalf of their members or have their members register themselves on the RC History website in order to purchase materials individually. The information given is completely confidential. Member Registration Page

Before filling out this form please refer to our Copyright Page for more information.