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Connecting with History Teacher's Guide
Connecting with History Teacher's Guide

The "How-To" Manual for Connecting with History

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A Manual for Integrating Classical History into your Homeschool

This comprehensive Teacher's Guide is a manual that provides you with vital information and ideas for implementing the Connecting with History program.

The guide includes:

  • A detailed introduction to the philosophy of the Connecting with History Program
  • What is Salvation History? How do we understand history through our Catholic faith?
  • The CONNECT Methodâ„¢: Consider, Overview, Notebook, Explore, Concentrate, and Tell
  • Ideas and Instructions for creating Student Notebooks
  • How to make Read-Aloud time successful and enjoyable
  • The Importance of Learning Styles
  • Stages of Classical Education and how they are implemented in Connecting with History
  • The Socratic Method of Discussion: What is it? How do you use it in your home?
  • Tools for Studying History - using maps, timelines and other tools to increase understanding and enjoyment
  • Lesson Planning Ideas, Forms, and Charts
  • Student Research Charts
  • Writing Guide for integrating composition with history
  • Types of Writing Assignments: how to teach them and what type of writing assignments are appropriate at particular ages
  • Tips for Writing Essays
  • Rubrics and Evaluation Techniques, Forms, and Charts for the Parent/Teacher
  • Self-Assessment and Reflection Techniques for Students
  • An Activity Guide that contains:
  • Hands-on Activity Ideas to use with any time period
  • Materials to Have on Hand
  • Recipes for craft activities
With your purchase of this guide, you will also be able to download all of the forms and charts from the Teacher's Guide for convenient printing from your computer. Just log into your account and click on Review Orders and download the Forms and Charts.

Also available as an ebook