Catholic Educator's Guide to Teaching History
Catholic Educator's Guide to Teaching History
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This is a wonderful resource to build your confidence and skill as you implement Connecting with History.

In The Catholic Educator’s Guide to Teaching History, popular author and teacher Phillip Campbell draws on his years of teaching and writing about history to provide a concise guide to success for Catholic educators.

Whether you are a homeschooling parent or an instructor in a parochial school or co-op, Mr. Campbell’s principles will help bring success to your history studies.

This little book explores both the why and how of teaching history. In about 100 pages, it insightfully examines the foundational principles of historical study and how to teach it.

It is very much a "pocket guide to teaching history" - it's quick, friendly, and easy read. But it by no means lacks depth. It provides approachable overviews of the philosophical underpinnings of why we study history at all and why we study it the way we do (or, perhaps, why we don’t always study it the way we should.) It offers pedagogical frameworks and suggests methods for developing your own teaching goals. But it always balances this "theory" with on-the-ground implementation. It's succinct, sprinkled with humor, and packed with information - a delightful read!

The book contains reading lists organized by historical period, key dates for memorization, grading rubrics, and a couple of shout- outs to RC History and Connecting with History.


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