Ancient History

Rhyme-Line Cards, Volume 1 Connecting with History, Ancient History and Old Testament

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Rhyme Your Way Through History!

One of the best ways to learn facts is to make them fun and poetic. Rhythm and rhyme are related to music, and music is related to memory.

Drill doesn’t have to be dull!

The package includes 104 illustrated timeline cards with fun, educational rhymes such as:

Moses saw a burning bush
he didn't understand
until he heard a loud voice say
I am the great I AM.

Each rhyme teaches interesting facts about a person or event from history.
The front of each card includes the name of the person or event along with an illustration.
A 4-line rhyme on the back of the card enables the child to practice memorizing the rhyme.
Once memorized, they will only need to see the name and illustration to be able to recite the rhyme.

Many proper names from ancient history are difficult to pronounce so we have also included a pronunciation key. To memorize the rhymes correctly you’ll need to know how to pronounce the words and once you’ve mastered the pronunciations the names will roll off of your children’s tongues as they delight in their unusual sounds – they’ll amaze your friends and relatives!

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A total of 252 cards, all coordinated with each unit of Connecting with History.

Ancient History Timeline and Rhyme-Line Cards cover the Old Testament and ancient cultues including Israel, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome through 1 B.C.