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Year 2: The Incarnation, New Testament , Early Church, & Early Medieval

Year 2 continues the narrative of salvation history with the end of the Roman Republic, rise of the Roman Empire, and the "Pax Romana." The stage is set for the central event of history - the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. Reading the books of Luke and Acts of the Apostles within the historical context of the Roman Empire deepens our understanding of the Biblical events, how the early Church was affected by the cultural surroundings and times, as well as the effects that early Christians had upon the empire itself.

As the Church grows we follow the Christian missionary movements beyond Rome, to the lands of the Germans, the Britains, the Celts, the Franks, and through the age of the Vikings. Throughout the upheaval of these events, the Church springs forward, converting and creating new nations - replacing the Roman Empire with the Holy Roman Empire.

Year 2 includes seven chronological units.

Unit I. Preparation for the King: 63 B.C – A.D. 1
Life in Israel - End of Roman Republic - Roman Empire - Pax Romana

Unit II. The Arrival of the King: A. D. 1 – 33
Life of Christ - Roman Empire

Unit III. The Spread of the Kingdom: A.D. 33 – 99
Acts of the Apostles - Ancient Britain - Roman Empire

Unit IV. The Seeds of the Kingdom: 100 – 306
Early Church - Early Christians & Martyrs - Roman Empire

Unit V. The Kingdom Springs Forth as the Empire Falls: 306 – 500
Barbarian Invasions - Fall of the Western Roman Empire - Doctors of the Church - Spread of Christianity

Unit VI. Lights Shine in the Darkness: 500 – 800
Evangelization of pagans - The Celts - Monasticism - Byzantium - Birth of Islam

Unit VII. Invasions and Conversions: 800 – 1066
Vikings - England and France - Great Schism

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