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Our Copyright Policy

Connecting With History is published by RC History LLC which holds the copyright to the curriculum materials.

The authors of the program have put hundreds of hours over the course of nearly two decades into developing and writing the curriculum. We rely on you to respect the hard work and the sacrifices we and our families have made.

No part of any syllabus, daily lesson plans, teacher guides, classroom guides, co-op materials, CD's, timeline cards, or other materials published by RC History LLC may be reproduced in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, recorded, photographed, or otherwise without express prior permission in writing from the copyright owner.
Copies of appendix, coloring pages, and planning forms from the Teacher's Guide are allowed for immediate household use only.

All Connecting with History materials are for individual family use only.

Co-ops, Part-time schools, and small groups:

Connecting with History adapts well to group use. We encourage informal groups of families, formal co-ops, and part-time hybrid schools to use Connecting with History as long as you follow our copyright policy.

We require each individual family to purchase their own copy of the Connecting with History Syllabus and each classroom teacher to own a copy as well.

This also provides the opportunity for everyone to experience the full benefits of learning history through the lens of salvation history! That is the goal of Connecting with History and we don't want anyone to be short-changed!

If you have any questions about these policies, please contact us for more information.

Traditional Schools:

Please contact us for information about licensing information for your school

Thank you for supporting this labor of love!