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Twelve Bright Trumpets
Twelve Bright Trumpets

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From Roman Britain through the rise of Portugal as a commercial power, these twelve historical fiction stories are based on fact. Each story begins with a clearly written explanation of the place and time in which the story is set then young readers are transported into that time and place through fictional characters who are not so very different from themselves.

This is an example of the best kind of historical fiction: accurate, well-written, and appealing to all ages. It's a fun family read-aloud and as engaging as a good novel for independent reading.

Do be aware that the author was not Catholic and so refers to the Christian church rather than the Catholic Church. There is, however, no bias against Catholics or the Church in the stories.

We have sprinkled the stories in Years 2 and 3 of Connecting with History to bring history to life as they read each story alongside their history studies.

Chapters and their settings:

  • The End and the Beginning: early Roman Britain
  • A Blackbird Sings: the Franks and Charlemagne
  • The People Remembered: Danish invasions of England
  • Hail, Normansland!: Viking life in Norway
  • The Conqueror: Life in Normand during William the Conqueror
  • The Great Journey: First Crusade
  • Twelve Bright Trumpets: Life in a castle during the Crusades
  • Echo Over Runnymede: King John and the Magna Carta
  • Town Air is Free Air: Effects of the Crusades on daily life
  • Marco and the Marble Hand: Florence at the birth of the Renaissance
  • A Noble Magic: Gutenberg and the guild system
  • Queen of the Sea: Spain and Portugal at the time of Vasco de Gama

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