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Connecting with History Beginner Level Deluxe Book Package - Volume 3


Save 15% with these Core materials and Literature selections for each unit.
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Volume 3:
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Core books are the necessary materials for studying history this year.

You'll need these essential non-fiction books and CDs to teach World and Church History You will be using most of these materials every week.

Beginner level children love learning from these books filled with fascinating details, stories, and colorful pictures.


While textbooks and non-fiction give historical information, these books bring history to life!

Our book lists include quality children’s fiction, historical fiction, and age-appropriate classical literature. All of these titles are either set in the time period being studied. Several of the units in this program include study guides for some of these books. Many of the books provide wonderful family read-aloud opportunities.

Reading this kind of literature brings history to life in a very personal way, which can enrich the student’s knowledge, engage their interest, and provide great enjoyment to the experience of study that will last a lifetime! Although these are optional, we have selected at least one title per unit from our extensive reading suggestions. Reading assignments for the books in this package are included in the Daily Lesson Plans.

  • Famous Figures of Medieval Times
  • Once Upon a Time Saints
  • More Once Upon a Time Saints
  • Rhyme-Line Sing-Along CD
    • Units 1 & 7: Three Musketeers/Robin Hood (Audio CD)
    • Unit 2: Saint Thomas Aquinas for Children and the Childlike
    • Unit 2: Marco Goes to China!
    • Unit 3: Castle
    • Units 3-5: Knights of Art: Stories of the Italian Painters (RC History edition)
    • Unit 4: Columbus
    • Unit 5: William Shakespeare and the Globe
    • Unit 5: Shakespeare for Children (Audio CD)
    • Unit 6: A Story of St. Francis Xavier
    • Unit 6: Life in Old Japan Coloring Book
    • Unit 8: Peter Claver, Patron Saint of Slaves
    • Unit 8: Saint Kateri Tekakwitha