Map Trek Outline Maps of World History [CDROM]
Map Trek Outline Maps of World History [CDROM]

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Geography affects events. Did people live in deserts, fertile plains or dense forests? What other cultures did they live near and how did their locations influence their interactions? How did political boundaries change over time?

Geography makes history real.
It's easy to forget that people long ago were actual human beings, not just characters in stories we read. Placing them in tangible places on earth turns fiction into reality.

Don't ignore this crucial aspect of your historical journey through times AND places!

Map Trek
is a CD containing printable historical outline maps that allow you to teach geography alongside history. This is a resource that any homeschool parent can use with brilliant success, even if you don't remember a thing from your history or geography classes in school.

e reference the maps from this program throughout the units of each volume of Connecting with History. This is highly recommended if you plan to incorporate geography into your lessons.

Each lesson includes one teacher's map containing all of the geographical details referenced in the lesson, and unlabeled student map for your child to color in and label. A few key features on this map are that there is a slight color shading on the ocean/water areas to help your child determine which parts of the map are land and which are water. BUT the shading is minimal so as to not interfere with his creative coloring process OR to use much ink when printing from your printer. Examples of teacher and student maps are above, click on an image to enlarge the picture.

The Map Trek CD includes:

  • Printable historical maps that will help you navigate through history studies.
  • Accurate maps that show what the world was like THEN and NOW.
  • Maps that are easy to download and inexpensive to print.
  • Attractive maps that you and your children will be proud to display.
  • Activities for each map for three age levels.
  • Four sections: 1. Ancient World, 2. Medieval World, 3. New World, 4. Modern World
  • United States Map Trek sold separately

More details:
  • 175 Full-color teacher answer maps.
  • 170 Blank outline maps for the student.
  • Instructions for how to use these maps
  • 15 Grid Maps
  • 10 Blank Grids
  • Lesson Plans
  • Glossary of terms
  • 3 Bonus Map Sets
  • 465 total pages
At the price of $39.95 this program averages $10 per year for your four-year cycle of history - for the whole family! Because it's non-consumable you can continue to use it year after year with no further investment.

**Please be aware that Map Trek CDs are licensed for individual family use only. The publisher of this program requires a licensing arrangement for use in a group setting. Email us for information.

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