Roots and Fruits
Roots and Fruits

Price: $24.95

Roots and Fruits is the best selling, uncomplicated Greek and Latin based vocabulary curriculum that uses the English forms of 797 roots and prefixes with their meanings. The English forms are used for easier learning and better retention than is normally experienced by using the classic Greek and Latin forms.

A few things we love about Roots and Fruits:

  • It's designed to be used by all ages: K-12
  • It's non-consumable - buy it once, use it forever!
  • It appeals to multiple learning styles
  • It goes beyond rote memorization by including hands-on activities
  • Included daily lesson plans make it simple to use
The program contains 2,449 vocabulary words. Students learn through an activities or "hands-on" method. Worksheets are also provided for complete curriculum utilization. The activities method also generally produces greater benefits in the learning process and in the retention of vocabulary words than does a mere memorization method. Most vocabulary programs teach words in isolation, either by assigning random lists or in conjunction with a story or book. Often students forget the meanings once the words are no longer used.
It contains many of the most commonly tested words on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in highlighted format for easy identification. It contains words found in other Standardized Tests, too.
Roots and Fruits also contains daily lesson plans and appeals to all learning styles.
Other vocabulary curriculums do not start until middle school, missing several vital years. This program contains words that can also be used by children at the kindergarten level and features suggested (marked) words for these younger students. The program is parentally controlled throughout with parents deciding everything -- from the starting place to the actual words used and amount of time spent each day.

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