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Creator and Creation
Creator and Creation
Rhetoric Level Non-fiction
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What do you say to your creationist friends? What do you think when they insist that you join them in defending the Bible by defending its first chapter as a science text? Is there really good scientific evidence for creationism? What do you say to your scientific friends? Is belief in God reasonable? Is belief in Genesis reasonable? And what about Noah? Was there ever a flood that really changed human history as a whole?

The Catholic Church has wisely refrained from endorsing any particular scientific theory about these matters. At the same time, Her love of truth has made the Church the natural home of good scientists all through history.

This resource addresses the creationist cosmology from a unified doctrinal, scriptural, scientific and philosophicalperspective. It is designed to invite Catholics to be the good scientists that they have been throughout history, with no fear for the honest conclusions of secular science. I highly recommend that any high school student should read this book as a supplement to any biology course.

Recommended resource for Rhetoric level students and teacher preparation.

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