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Grammar Level Literature
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The acclaimed author and illustrator returns with an exhilarating edition of Britain's oldest epic.

Long ago there was a Scandinavian warrior who fought three evils so powerful they could destroy whole kingdoms. Standing head and shoulders above his comrades, Beowulf single-handedly saves the land of the Danes from a merciless ogre named Grendel and then from his sea-hag mother. But it is his third terrible battle, with the death-dragon of the deep, in which he truly meets his match. Lovers of heroes, monsters, and the drama of battle will find this retelling as enthralling as it is tragic.

This version of the Beowulf epic is beautifully written and filled with mentions of God, his mercy and the fight between good and evil. However, please be aware that it does contain some graphic descriptions of Beowulf’s battles with monsters.