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Ancient History Readers
Ancient History Readers

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Digging Up History
How do ancient things get buried? Who digs them up? And what do they find?
You'll find out the answers and much more about buried treasures in this fascinating book about archaeology!

The Stone Age
When was the Stone Age? How did people make tools from stone? What did they eat and where did they live? Discover the answers to these questions and many more!

Who were the ancient Egyptians? Why did they build pyramids and how were mummies made? Find out more about life in ancient Egypt.

Ancient Greeks
Did you know that the ancient Greeks held the very first Olympic Games in Olympia - nearly 3000 years ago? Find out how their Games differed from ours, and also about Greek warriors, gods, and way of life in this exciting book.

Who were the ancient Romans? Where did they go to eat, shop, and wash? What did they do for fun?

Each 32-page book in this beginning reader series includes full color pictures and illustrations along with simple explanations of the history and way of life of an ancient culture. A glossary, index, and links to websites are also included.

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