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As a certified IEW instructor, Ginny has taught IEW classes in both traditional and online settings for many years. She now teaches online only and is excited to be partnering with RC History. Ginny is also a Master Catechist and incorporates her deep knowledge of the Catholic faith and salvation history into her writing lessons. This is her fourth year teaching Connecting with History families, and she is extremely excited about the new format we are offering this year.

Ginny’s homeschooling journey over the past twenty-five years has included both Connecting with History (CWH) and Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) programs because both programs are flexible and successful with multiple children. By incorporating writing with history, her children were able to retain the historical information while honing their writing skills. CWH has been an enjoyable program for her family to learn history in the Catholic context and as one “class.” Her family developed their knowledge of our Catholic heritage through CWH, and projects and field trips brought it all to life. Additionally, reading and writing skills were enhanced by incorporating IEW into her children’s school work based on each child’s personal ability. The texts that they read for history were the sources of the writing assignments for each IEW unit. Ginny finds the combination to be very natural in the learning process.


Ginny has instructed a few of my children in the last several years, and I will gladly send all the rest to her as they come of age to learn from her. Her lessons are clear, plus her feedback is concise and useful. How nice to have a proficient educator and faithful woman contributing to the development of our children. What a time saver to have the Companion Reader as the source text for the writing lessons. Great idea!
Thank you for revealing to all of RC History the gem of Ginny.

You are a wonderful teacher -- so patient and gentle. My son is learning so much...from self-checks, keeping a binder, deadlines, self-discipline, confidence - not to mention the writing skills you are teaching and the beauty of words, descriptive words. Yesterday as he was completing his paper on Egyptian writings, I was going over the checklist with him, and we talked about WHY dress ups and strong verbs and -ly words are so "cool" - like poetry - they enhance meaning while fitting into a structure (meter and rhyme)/discipline - a challenge!
Thank you so much!

We enrolled our 6th grade child to go along with our history, and this is her second semester. We have been moving slowly throughout history, but this doesn't affect the IEW class. You don't have to go at a certain pace through history curriculum for it all to flow and make sense. The class uses sections of the main history book for assignments. It is nice that she is learning more about her Catholic faith and writing skills. We will be enrolling more of our children in the future.

I am SO pleased with this class! My kids are learning so much, and I LOVE how it is tied right into our history.