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Syllabus & Daily Lesson Plans Set - Volume Four
Connecting with History Syllabus & Daily Lesson Plans Set - Volume 4A

Exploration through Civil War
History, Literature, and Geography lesson plans for the whole family!
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Exploration through Civil War

The Connecting with History Syllabus contains 7 chronological units.

Each unit includes:

  • A theme related to salvation history
  • Discussion questions
  • References to the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Overview article about the salvation history theme of the unit
  • Dates of people and events to add to a timeline
  • Historical geography assignments
  • Composition assignments
  • Hands-on activities
  • Poems, Bible verses, and famous quotes related to the time period and theme
  • Book list and reading assignments for each age level

Daily Lesson Plans

The daily lesson plans organize the information from the syllabus into a ready-made schedule. They are a supplement to the syllabus.

  • Formatted for easy coordinating of all age levels at one time
  • Daily topics correspond with the reading & activities for each level
  • 4-day weekly schedule allows for flexible scheduling
  • Teaching notes
Assignments are arranged in a 2-page spread so you can see the assignments for every age level at one time.


The Syllabus includes all of the Core Books plus an extensive list of literature, historical fiction, and biographies from which to choose.

The Daily Lesson Plans include daily reading assignments for all of the Core Books plus books we have selected from the lists in the syllabus.

Volume 4 Daily Lesson Plans Book List

For your convenience, RC History carries all of the books recommended in the syllabus and daily lesson plans.

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