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Program + Daily Lesson Plans Set - Volume 2
Connecting with History Syllabus & Daily Lesson Plans Set - Volume 2


Volume Two: Early Church - Early Medieval

One year of World and Church History & Geography
lesson plans for the whole family!
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The Incarnation - New Testament - Early Church - Early Medieval (through A.D. 1066)
Year Two has seven chronological units. Each unit includes
  • A theme related to salvation history
  • Discussion questions
  • References to the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Overview article about the salvation history theme of the unit
  • Dates of people and events to add to a timeline
  • Historical geography assignments
  • Composition assignments
  • Hands-on activities
  • Poems, Bible verses, and famous quotes related to the time period and theme
  • Book list and reading assignments for each age level
Daily Lesson Plans
The daily lesson plans organize the information from the syllabus into a ready-made schedule. They are a supplement to the syllabus.

  • Formatted for easy coordinating of all age levels at one time
  • Daily topics correspond with the reading & activities for each level
  • 4-day weekly schedule allows for flexible scheduling
  • Teaching notes
Assignments are arranged in a 2-page spread so you can see the assignments for every age level at one time.

Sample Unit

Lesson Plans

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