RHYME-LINE Cards & CD - American History
Rhyme-Line Cards, Volume 4 Connecting with History, American History

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Rhyme Your Way Through History!

One of the best ways to learn facts is to make them fun and poetic. Rhythm and rhyme are related to music, and music is related to memory.

Drill doesn’t have to be dull!

The card package includes 117 illustrated timeline cards with fun, educational rhymes such

American History Rhyme-Line Cards cover the history of the Americas from the early explorers, missionaries, and settlers through World War II.

Rhyme-Line Sing-Along CD

We've put 40 of our most popular rhymes to music as an accompaniment to the American History Rhyme-Line Cards.That's four songs per unit plus 4 bonus tracks!

Each song includes a vocal track that repeats the song twice followed by an instrumental track to sing along with on your own as you memorize the rhyme.

French and Indian War