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Connecting with History Rhetoric Literature Book Package - Volume 1


Literature & Historical fiction help build personal connections with the time period.
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This package includes all of the literature assigned in the Volume 1 Daily Lesson Plans.

While textbooks and non-fiction provide historical information, literature brings history to life!

Our book lists include quality novels, historical fiction, and age-appropriate classical literature. All of these titles are set in the time period being studied. Several of the units in this program include study guides for some of these books.

Reading this kind of literature brings history to life in a very personal way, which can enrich the student’s knowledge, engage their interest, and provide great enjoyment to the experience of study that will last a lifetime! Although these are optional, we have selected at least one title per unit from our extensive reading suggestions.

Reading assignments for the books in this package are included in the Daily Lesson Plans.
Unit 1 Perelandra
Unit 2 Gilgamesh, Man's First Story
Unit 3 Tales of Ancient Egypt
Unit 4/5 Hittite Warrior
Unit 6 Warrior Scarlet
Unit 7 Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes
Unit 8 Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold
Unit 9 The Odyssey
Unit 10 Julius Caesar (Ignatius Critical Edition)

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