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Connecting with History Companion Reader - Volume 1
Connecting with History Companion Reader - Volume One

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This Companion Reader is a bridge between a textbook and living books. It contains a collection of simple articles about cultures, places and events from history in more depth than is found in most textbooks, stories to illustrate themes contained in the Connecting with History units, and short historical stories written in a friendly, conversational style about real people and events.

Each chapter of this book corresponds to a unit in Connecting with History, Volume One. To make them more easily incorporated into your history studies, most of the stories are organized to correspond with the Volume One Daily Lesson Plans.

Some topics include multiple selections to appeal to a variety of age levels.You can assign particular readings to your child or, on the other hand, you might not want to assign the stories at all, but let children read and enjoy the stories during their leisure time.

The Volume One Companion Reader can be used as a core text as it fleshes out details of the various subjects covered in the program. Most of the selections are written for the elementary (Grammar stage) level, although older students will enjoy and benefit from them, as well. Many of the stories also lend themselves to being read aloud to Beginner level students.

Above all, the purpose of this book is to make history come to life: to make it interesting, enjoyable, and relevant. Approach it, not as a textbook, but as part of the fascination of learning about different places and times in which very real people lived.

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Softcover, bound. 232 pages.

Also available as an ebook