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Institute for Excellence in Writing & Connecting with History

These uniquely designed writing classes will teach levels A & B of the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) Structure and Style™ method
coordinated with the volume of Connecting with History of your choice.

Mastery Learning
IEW is an effective, time-tested writing method based on mastery learning. One skill is learned at a time before moving to the next; each skill builds upon the previous skills mastered. Children know exactly what is expected of them each step of the way!

Combined Subjects
Combining the unique IEW writing method with Connecting with History reinforces the history material your family is studying throughout the school year. Vocabulary and grammar are built into the lessons as a natural method of learning through writing. You will be able to combine history, writing skills, grammar, and vocabulary, eliminating the need for additional subjects!

Parent - Teacher Cooperation
Taught by a certified IEW instructor with over fifteen years of experience, these classes use source texts from the Connecting with History program to help your child master the foundational skills of the IEW writing program. The teacher works in tandem with the homeschool parent. Personalized feedback and editing will be provided for each student's assignments.

Flexible Self-Scheduling
You choose the pace and schedule that fits your child's needs with our new flexible format. Our new format allows you to set your own schedule with 24/7 access to all class instruction and materials.

Use with any volume of Connecting with History!

IEW Level A:
Typically for grades 3-5, this class is open to any student who has had no introduction to the IEW program. Students should be able to write a basic sentence. This course will work through the first seven IEW units. Students will learn to write Key Word Outlines™, write from their outlines, narrative stories, summarizing references, 3-paragraph reports, multiple source research, and inventive writing.

IEW Level B:
Typically for students in grades 6-8, this class requires that students have had at least one year of IEW experience. The writing course begins with a brief review, so an older student with no IEW experience may easily catch on. This course will work through all nine IEW units. Students will end the school year writing five-paragraph essays.

Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year is opening soon!

Please use this form to receive more information about enrollment.


We enrolled our 6th grade child to go along with our history, and this is her second semester. We have been moving slowly throughout history, but this doesn’t affect the IEW class. You don’t have to go at a certain pace through the history curriculum for it all to flow and make sense. The class uses sections of the main history book for assignments. It is nice that she is learning more about her Catholic faith and writing skills. We will be enrolling more of our children in the future.