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Syllabus - Volume Four - Exploration through Civil War
Connecting with History Volume 4A Syllabus

American History through the eyes of our Faith.
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This Syllabus includes seven units spanning the earliest meeting of Columbus with the Taino Indian tribe through the end of the Civil War.

Units included:

1. The Spanish in the New World and Intro to Native Americans
2. The French in the New World
3. English in the New World - Colonial Life – French & Indian War
4. The American Revolution
5. The New Nation
6. Moving Westward
7. The Civil War

We examine the interactions, both positive and negative, between various European and Native American cultures; the influences of the Spanish and French Catholic explorers, missionaries, and martyrs; the arrival of English and Dutch Protestants; the French and Indian War and its relationship to the Revolutionary War; and vital contributions of Catholics in the American Revolution.

The New Nation continues with the aftermath of the Revolution as the colonists struggle to define and structure a new government like no other in history. Topics include the Articles of Confederation, writing of the Constitution, Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists, states' rights, the further explorations of the vast American continent, the arrival of Catholic priests and teachers, the tragedies of Indian wars, slavery, and finally the Civil War.

Themes explored include the dignity of the human person, persistence and perseverence, Catholic teaching of subsidiarity, ordered liberty, the pursuit of true happiness, and confronting our prejudices.

The Syllabus includes all of the Core Books plus an extensive list of literature, historical fiction, and biographies from which to choose.

The Daily Lesson Plans include daily reading assignments for all of the Core Books plus books we have selected from the lists in the syllabus.

Volume 4 Daily Lesson Plans Book List

For your convenience, RC History carries all of the books recommended in the syllabus and daily lesson plans.

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