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Year 3: High Medieval through Post-Reformation

In Year 3, we move into a time of incredible richness and change. This time period is probably the most misunderstood of all eras in history. During the High Medieval period, the Catholic faith permeated European culture at all levels. The "Middle Ages" produced some of the most inspiring saints, beautiful cathedrals, paintings, sculptures, and literature, as well as scientific discoveries and inventions that endure to this day. Volume Three also provides numerous opportunities to learn the truth about an era that continues to be maligned and misunderstood.

Year 3 covers a fairly short period of time compared to our previous two volumes - only about 600 years. We purposely slowed down the pace just as the rate of cultural changes increase so that you can more fully appreciate the beauty and the tragedy encompassed in the unfolding story of history. From the heights of cathedrals and great art to the depths of the plague and civil wars; from the heartbreaking "Reformation" to the excitement of exploration, discovery and missionary zeal, this time in history is a thrilling adventure story!

This volume consists of eight chronological units. The final unit includes to parts of the work during the same time period.

Unit One – Late 11th C. and 12th Century (1070-1200)
The Crusades, Feudalism, Knighthood, Chivalry, Military orders

Unit Two - 13th Century (1201-1300)
Religious Orders, Education, Magna Charta

Unit Three - 14th Century (1301-1400)
Castles, Royalty, Daily Life of Ordinary People, Cathedrals

Unit Four - 15th Century: (1401-1500)
Renaissance, Artists of the Renaissance, Early Explorers

Unit Five - 16th Century (1401-1500)
Protestant Revolt

Unit Six - 16th Century (1501-1600)
Catholic Reformation in Europe, Jesuit Missionaries to Japan and China,
Exploration of New World

Unit Seven - 17th Century (1601-1700)
Post-Reformation Europe

Unit Eight - 17th Century (1601-1700)
Catholics in the New World

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