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Connecting with History-Literature-Pack-Volume-1

Literature & Historical fiction insert your children into the time period - they live history!
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This package includes all of the literature assigned in the Volume 1 Daily Lesson Plans.

While textbooks and non-fiction provide historical information, literature brings history to life!

Our book lists include quality novels, historical fiction, and age-appropriate classical literature. All of these titles are set in the time period being studied.

Reading this kind of literature brings history to life in a very personal way, which can enrich the student’s knowledge, engage their interest, and provide great enjoyment to the experience of study that will last a lifetime! Although these are optional, we have selected at least one title per unit from our extensive reading suggestions.

Reading assignments for the books in this package are included in the Daily Lesson Plans.

Intro - King of the Golden City Audiobook
Unit 1 - Archaeologists Dig for Clues
Unit 1 - Bible Stories: Great Men and Women from Noah Through Solomon [CD]**
Unit 2 - Gilgamesh the King
Unit 2 - Revenge of Ishtar
Unit 2 - Last Quest of Gilgamesh
Unit 3 - Pyramid
Unit 3 - Tut's Mummy Lost and Found
Unit 4/5 - Ox, House, Stick: The History of Our Alphabet
Unit 6 - David: A Story of the King of Israel
Unit 7 - Greek Myths CD
Unit 7 - Trojan Horse, How the Greeks Won the War
Unit 9 - Lysis Goes to the Play
Unit 9 - Detectives in Togas
Unit 10 - A Triumph for Flavius
Unit 10 - Mystery of the Roman Ransom

**Bible Stories CD is the new edition of Tales from the Old Testament CD