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Volume Two


The Incarnation - New Testament - Early Church - Early Medieval

In Volume One of Connecting with History the Old Testament was used as the cohesive bond between the story of salvation history and world history.  Volume Two continues the narrative where Volume One left off.  Beginning with the rise of the Roman Empire and the "Pax Romana" the stage is set for the central event of history - the life and death of Jesus Christ.  Reading the books of Luke and Acts of the Apostles within the historical context of the Roman Empire brings deeper understanding of the Biblical events, how they were affected by the cultural surroundings and times as well as the effects that early Christians had upon the empire itself. 

As the Church grows we follow the Christian missionary movements beyond Rome, to the lands of the Germans, Britains, the Celts, French and the Norsemen. The Church moves forward into the early medieval period of history, spreading to new nations and replacing the Roman Empire with the Holy Roman Empire.

Volume Two Table of Contents

 Each volume of the Connecting with History program contains the material needed for all ages, for one academic year of history. 


Discussion Guides for the following books are available for Volume Two:

St. Valentine
by Robert Sabuda

by Diane Stanley

The Bronze Bow
by Elizabeth Speare

The Ides of April
by Mary Ray

Eagle of the Ninth
by Rosemary Sutcliff

The White Isle
by Caroline Dale Snedeker

City of the Golden House
by Madeleine Polland

The White Stag
by Kate Seredy

Son of Charlemagne
by Barbara Willard

Fingal’s Quest
by Madeleine Polland


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