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Teaching Materials

Old Testament and Ancient Cultures Before Christ

The Teacher's Guide explains how to use the Connecting with History program.

The Syllabus is the program.
This has all the necessary information for one year of history, geography, memorization work, activities and reading assignments for all ages. If you enjoy creating your own lesson plans, this can be used on its own as a literature-based history unit study. 

The Daily Lesson Plans provide a read-made schedule.
They supplement the syllabus We have done the lesson planning for you. The Daily Lesson Plan schedule arranges the units of the syllabus into 4-days per week, 4-5 weeks per unit. Weeks 1-2 are devoted to learning about the time period, Weeks 3-4 are devoted to digging deeper through activities, writing, and research.  Each unit ends with a day for the children to present what they've learned and show what they've created with family and friends!

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