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Volume One


Old Testament and Ancient Cultures Before Christ

Connecting With History, Volume One focuses on the "cradle of civilization" while following the outline of Old Testament salvation history.

Cultures studied include: the Israelites, Mesopotamian cultures (Sumerians, Hittites, Babylonians, Phoenicians), Egypt, Greece, and the Roman Republic.

By integrating world history within the framework of the Old Testament the goal is to convey the truth that religious history and world history are not separate entities.  Each of the civilizations included in this volume are mentioned in the Bible.  Although the Bible is not a history text, it contains historical events and real people who lived at specific times and places within world history.  By reading history texts alongside the Old Testament students discover the many people and events that bridge the gap between secular and religious history.  For example, while studying the conquests of Alexander the Great, students will read portions of the book of Maccabees in which Alexander is mentioned.  Through encountering these historical connections your family will discover that history contains a cohesive narrative, a plan and a purpose.  

The program syllabus includes an introductory week and ten thematic units which can be covered over the course of a semester or a school year, depending on how each individual family chooses to use it.  We have designed this program to be flexible, yet with a built-in structure, in order to fit your family’s schedule and needs. Each of the ten units corresponds to The Bible Timeline program from Jeff Cavins' Great Adventure series, however you do not need the series in order to use the program.

 Each volume of the Connecting with History program contains information for all ages, for one academic year of history.  This syllabus is written with a flexible, literature-based, unit study approach.  We now also carry a daily lesson plan supplement if you prefer more structure.  If you choose to use the lesson plans you will still need the syllabus.  The syllabus, however, can be used without the daily plans.  

The Connecting with History, Volume One syllabus includes:

•Teacher's notes and discussion starters 
•Overviews so students and teachers know where they are headed on their journey through the time period 
•Instructions and ideas for compiling a Student Notebook 
•Writing ideas
•Hands-on activity ideas
•Extensive booklists for each age group
•Reading assignments for each unit 
•Memory and copy work including poetry and scripture passages 
•Research charts to help students focus in on the people and civilizations covered in the unit.  

With this system you will be able to have all the children in your family studying the same time period at the same time, each at their own level of ability and understanding.

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