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Science in History

Here at RC History we promote a living, historical view of all areas of life seen through the lens of our Catholic, universal faith.  Universal means for everyone and encompassing everything.  There are few science programs available specifically for Catholics.  Many Catholic home educators attempt to use and adapt non-Catholic curricula, not always realizing what they may be missing.

"The history of Catholicism and Science is very, very rich, and a Protestant program will not do it justice. Even with the ancients, they belittle them more than embrace them the way Catholicism does. In general, the scientists we know well are the Protestant ones other than Galileo, Pasteur, and Curie. Usually a lot of time is spent on the ancients and then we skip on forward to the Renaissance, without a word about the Medieval period in which both Catholic and Muslim science is ignored. We are left with the notion that nothing really happened here when in fact Natural Philosophy, which is what science was known as before the term came into use in the 19th century, made steady progress throughout the centuries. St. Albert the Great is the patron saint of scientists! Because this has been the prevailing view in our society, we have few children's books to draw from." - Kris from At Home Science

We offer here a growing list of titles to add to your study of science through history.