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Connecting with History has been used successfully by many homeschool co-ops and independent schools.  We encourage these groups to use the program and we are pleased at the excellent feedback that we've received.  However, when  a large group buys one copy of the program and passes it around to multiple parents and teachers we incur a loss of income for the authors who have worked so hard to provide this program to you. RC History has implemented a licensing program that benefits your group and protects our copyrights.


RC History requires that if you are purchasing the program for group use you must choose one of the following options:

Step 1: Register your co-op or school

Registered groups may have a group page on the RC History website for publicity as well as for the convenience of your group members. We can include information about your group, including a link to your groups website, as well as book packages for easy shopping for your members.

Registered groups may sign up for a Group Affiliate Membership which enables your members & others to return a percentage of their purchases made through RC History back to your co-op. This is an excellent source of fundraising for your group!

Step 2: Choose your license:

Option A:

  • Purchase a license for the volume (time period) that your group will be using. Each license is valid for one calendar year. 
  • Purchase a syllabus for each teacher. 


Option B: 

  • Instead of purchasing a license, each teacher and family in the group may purchase their own copy of the syllabus to use for the year.