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Benefits of Connecting with History


Do any of these describe you?


check-smc.jpg I know history is important, but I don’t know it well enough to teach my children

You don't have to be an expert. You learn right along with your children! 

check-smc.jpg History was not my favorite subject in school, I want my children to enjoy it


Connecting with History engages all learning styles to appeal to all interests.

After being given an overview, your child can become an expert in his or her area of particular interest. We also emphasize each person's unique mission in life and how we are all a part of history!

We help each member of your family to CONNECT with history in a personal way.

check-smc.jpg I don’t want to settle for just adapting a non-Catholic program

Our Catholic faith is not an appendix. it is CENTRAL to our lives and to TRUE HISTORY.

Secular history teaches that there is no order or meaning to our life on earth, and no destination.

Protestant Christian history teaches that God has a plan that He is working through history, but by its very nature it misses and misinterprets many parts of that story. 

As Catholics, we owe our children the whole story!

We need to provide them with a solid foundation of truth before they inevitably encounter opposing worldviews that can confuse them, and even lead them out of the true faith. If they're not steeped in truth, how can they live it and defend it?

check-smc.jpg I want a world history program that includes the Bible, Church history and the lives of saints

You've come to the right place!

History is one story with many parts. Biblical events occurred in specific times and places, the people in the Bible are not "characters," they were real, flesh and blood people like you and me. The Church and her saints have affected the history of the world for over 2000 years. Our mission is to evangelize the world. The saints teach us how to reach out to the world and transform it.

check-smc.jpg I want all of my children to study the same time period together

Do you feel scattered and overwhelmed? 

One child is studying American history; another is studying Egypt. Everyone is going off to their own corners to study alone.

We can help you bring your family back together and streamline your job.

Families who use Connecting with History say that family connection is one of the greatest benefits of using the program. Everyone studies the same subject at their own levels, discusses together, shares what they're learning, and learns from one another. Family bonds are strengthened - bonds that last a lifetime!

check-smc.jpg I want my children to learn from real books, but how do I know if a book conflicts with our Catholic faith?

The program is written by Catholic homeschoolers like you.

We care about what we give to our children and we know you do, too. We work hard to recommend materials that do not conflict with our Catholic faith.

We also work to find balanced materials that are written by a variety of authors through a mix of genres, but never stray from truth. Historians study history by examining a variety of sources. Rather than merely digesting one person's point of view, Connecting with History allows your child to think critically and learn to actively seek information.

Our website carries the materials that we recommend so that you don't have to waste your valuable time searching around for books, and so that you know exactly which materials you need. (And as Catholic familiey we thank you for your support!)

check-smc.jpg Writing assignments and activities are important, but I don’t have time to come up with ideas

Each Connecting with History syllabus includes:

    • Discussion question
    • Overviews of the time period
    • Timeline lists
    • Geography assignments
    • Vocabulary
    • Hands-on activity instructions
    • Composition assignments (research, essays, and creative writing)
    • Coloring pages
    • Detailed reading assignments for all age levels in one book!

Optional Daily Lesson Plans take all of these elements and structure them into a schedule that allows flexibility for your unique needs.

Our Teacher Guide gives you the guidance you need to understand and implement the program.

check-smc.jpgI wish I could combine more subjects to make teaching less complicated

Connecting with History integrates multiple subjects for all ages!

    • History
    • Composition
    • Literature
    • Geography
    • Bible study
    • References to the Catechism
    • Church History
    • Arts and Crafts
    • The history of science

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