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If you thought you knew all about American history, you'll be surprised by how much you didn't know - and how much is left out of most history books! 

  • Part One  
  • Columbus through the end of the American Revolution
  • 4 units, each with 4 weeks of lesson plans = 4 months of lessons
  • Includes Syllabus and Daily Lesson Plans

Part One spans the years from the earliest meeting of Columbus with the Taino Indian tribe through the American Revolution. We examine the interactions, both positive and negative, between various European and Native American cultures; the influences of the Spanish and French Catholic explorers, missionaries, and martyrs; the arrival of English and Dutch Protestants; the French and Indian War and its relationship to the Revolutionary War; and the Catholic response to the American Revolution.

  • Part Two (Units 5-7)
  • The New Nation through the Civil War
  • 3 units of 4-week lesson plans = 3 months
  • Syllabus only. Daily Lesson Plans are forthcoming

Part Two continues where Part One ends, with the aftermath of the American Revolution as the colonists struggle to define and structure a new government like no other in history. Topics include the Articles of Confederation, the writing of the Constitution, the further explorations of the vast American continent, the arrival of more Catholic priests and teachers, the tragedies of Indian wars, slavery, and the Civil War. 

If you have not used Connecting with History already, please read Why Not Start with American History?