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Connecting With History is
an integrated history and literature-based program
designed to be used with the entire family.

The RC History Vision for studying history:

Roman Catholic (that's what RC stands for!) Our Catholic faith is central to all areas of our lives. The Catholic Church is deep in history and studying the history of our faith alongside secular history will deepen your understanding of God's plan for the world. Our Lord is truly the center of all history!

Chronological We believe that a chronological approach to history is the best way to put the events of history into proper perspective. History is not random, events have causes and effects, personal choices have consequences. History is a long story composed of many shorter stories which occur in specific times and places. Ordering your study of history chronologically promotes greater understanding.

Classical  Connecting with History utilizes the classical learning stages rather than grade levels to order reading assignments and activities.  This structure recognizes the natural development of the child's learning processes.  Classical also means that Connecting with History incorporates classical literature using age-appropriate resources.  For instance, a student in the Grammar Level will read a children's version of The Odyssey while a Rhetoric Level student will read the actual text of The Odyssey. 

Family Learning We have found that history comes alive when the family learns together. Particularly if you are not well-acquainted with history yourself, or you are teaching multiple ages, studying the same time periods together will strengthen everyone's learning and interest and make your job of teaching simpler!

Integrated Approach History is unique, in that all things come to us through history. By relating other subject areas to the study of history we begin to understand that all knowledge is related, that nothing comes to us in a vacuum. We have found that our children's interest in other subjects has been enhanced by their study of history.

Active Learning Most of us studied history with a textbook approach. Although a good textbook can be an important tool, we have found that to truly engage the student we must move beyond textbooks to a variety of outside reading, writing, discussion, research, and hands-on activities.

Connecting With History.....

...brings world history, the Bible and Church history to life and awakens the joy of learning in children (and parents, too!)

... integrates history, geography, and literature within a Catholic framework

...utilizes a relaxed classical approach to learning at home

...incorporates a step-by-step method which simplifies lesson planning and encourages students to become independent, life-long learners

...coordinates all age levels: K-12 all studying the same units, at the same time each at their own level

...promotes critical thinking and research skills

...adjusts to fit your homeschooling schedule and priorities

...includes overviews for the teacher and student which emphasize a Catholic understanding of history

...is written by experienced homeschooling moms who know what it's like to teach a house full of children

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