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Mater Ecclesiae Academy

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57 Stories of Saints

Grammar & Logic Core

Price: $17.95
Adventures of Robin Hood (Green)

Grammar Literature

Price: $5.99
Famous Figures of Medieval Times

Beginner Core

Price: $16.95
Founders of Freedom

Grammar Core

Price: $24.95
How Our Nation Began

Beginner Core

Price: $19.95
Life in Old Japan Coloring Book

Beginner Non-Fiction

Price: $4.99
Map Trek Outline Maps of World History CDROM

Historical geography assignments for all time periods and age levels.

Price: $39.95
Saint Thomas Aquinas For Children and the Childlike

Beginner & Grammar Literature

Price: $12.95
Time Traveler - Usborne

Beginner Core

Price: $22.99
Turn of the Century

Beginner Core

Price: $8.95
Connecting with History Volume 3 Syllabus Volume 3 Syllabus

Discussion questions, informational articles, activities & reading assignments for the whole family!

Price: $40.00
William Shakespeare and the Globe

Beginner Non-fiction

Price: $6.99