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Connecting with History is being used successfully by homeschool co-ops or hybrid schools and private Catholic schools across the country!

To use Connecting with History in your homeschool co-op follow these steps:

Step 1: Register your co-op or school

Registered groups may have a group page on the RC History website for publicity as well as for the convenience of your group members. We can include information about your group, including a link to your group's website, as well as customized book lists for your group to make gathering supplies for your group convenient.

Registered co-ops may sign up for a Co-op Affiliate Membership which enables your members & others to return a percentage of their purchases made through RC History back to your co-op. This is an excellent source of fundraising for your group!

Step 2: Each classroom teacher and family will need to purchase a Connecting with History Syllabus.

The Connecting with History Teacher Materials (Teacher's Guide, Syllabus, and Lesson Plans) are copyrighted for individual family use only. Therefore, each family needs to own their own copy. Classroom lesson plans and home assignments both refer back to the syllabus.

Step 3: Decide whether you would like to use our Co-op Lesson Plans and Teacher's Guides.

We have Co-op Family Lesson Plans and Classroom Teacher's Guide specifically for co-op groups and hybrid schools. The Classroom Teacher's Guides provide detailed instructions for teaching history, literature, and composition for classes that meet one day per week. Homework assignments for families to complete between co-op sessions are included in the Classroom Teacher's Guides and in the Co-op Family Lesson Plans.

Contact us to discuss using Connecting with History in your co-op or school* curriculum.

*A license is required for use in schools.