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1. Volume One Syllabus & Daily Lesson Plans

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Product Description

Old Testament and Ancient Cultures Before Christ

"History is stories. It has beginnings, middles, ends, and all its stories are events in the gathering action of one story, Sacred History, whose model is the Bible....As Catholics, we are preeminently the people for whom history matters. There is a Christian imagination of history, a Christian answer to the question of history. .... “...History is not only stories, it is the Story of Stories.”
From "Light to the Nations: Reclaiming the Catholic Historical Imagination" by Prof. Rollin Lasseter. 

Connecting With History, Volume One focuses on the "cradle of civilization" while following the outline of Old Testament salvation history. Cultures studies include:  Israelites, Mesopotamian cultures (Sumeria, Hittite, Babylon, Phoenicia), Egpyt, Greece, and the Roman Republic. The integration of world history within the framework of the Old Testament the goal is to convey the truth that religious history and world history are not separate entities.  Each of the civilizations included in this volume are mentioned in the Bible.  Although the Bible is not a history text, it contains historical events and real people who lived at specific times and places within world history.  By reading history texts alongside the Old Testament students discover the many people and events that bridge the gap between secular and religious history.  For example, while studying the conquests of Alexander the Great, students will read portions of the book of Maccabees in which Alexander is mentioned.  Through encountering these historical connections your family will discover that history contains a cohesive narrative, a plan and a purpose.  

The Volume One syllabus includes an introductory week and ten thematic units which can be covered over the course of a semester or a school year, depending on how each individual family chooses to use it.  We have designed this program to be flexible, yet with a built-in structure, in order to fit your family’s schedule and needs. Each of the ten units corresponds to The Bible Timeline program from Jeff Cavins' Great Adventure series however, use of the series is not necessary to use Connecting with History.

What's new:  

  • Expanded number of hands-on and written activities
  • More detailed instructions for activities and writing assignments
  • Illustrations
  • More memory work selections
  • Updated book lists and reading assignments
  • Coloring pages!
  • 3-hole punched - ready to add to your history binder
  • New expanded Teacher's Guide available separately
  • New Tab Dividers available separately


Connecting with History Teacher's Guide

This comprehensive Teacher's Guide is a manual that provides you with information and ideas for implementing the Connecting with History program for all the time periods and age levels. One-time purchase per family. Learn more here


Daily Lesson Plans

The daily lesson plans are:

  • Formatted for easy coordinating of all age levels at one time in 2-page spreads for each week
  • Organized by daily topics correspond with the readings & activities for each level
  • 4-day weekly schedule allows for flexible scheduling
  • 36 weeks of lesson plans, plus 4 optional weeks
  • Customizable for your family's needs
The daily lesson plans are structured on the CONNECT method of studying history which is explained in the Connecting with History Teacher's Guide.  Each step allows for an increasing depth of study which includes discussion, reading, writing, activities, compiling individual notebooks, family read-alouds and independent reading, and independent and group projects. 

The Connecting with History Daily Lesson plans are designed to be a supplement to the Connecting with History syllabus, not a replacement for it.  

Please note:  Connecting with History materials are for sale to individuals only.  
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